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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a park police officer dies ♪ [ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $5.99 a pound. plus save o gift card multipacks. right now get 15% off of $40 itunes multipack. safeway. ingredients for life. captioned by the national captioning institute are breaking news comes in from northwest washington. u.s. park police officer has responding to a call. the problem at the bridge lead major traffic issues through the height of the evening rush
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hour. george washington medical center for more. >> a terrible ending to a long night. a u.s. park police officer is dead. who was the focus of an suicide call is also deceased. this going down during rush hour. a traffic nightmare friday night. >> over 20 minutes i have been on this bridge. >> yes, just sitting. >> this was brought on by a tragic events. >> that's awful. the officer was among those responding to a possible suicide call on the bridge. >> there was a good sized circle blood and there was a lot of cops there. >> officers found a man lying next to the canal below the
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bridge. at some point, the officer cardiac arrest. and emfed the fire folks. and the medics attempted to resuscitate and him. the bridge was quickly annsformed into investigation scene. crawl. slowed to a >> we have been on the road for 45 minutes. the officer was transported hospital where he was pronounced dead. even the impatient commuters saddened. given the circumstances, i can understand. about the man who jumped. two lives lost on what began normal friday night, albeit with heavy traffic. drivers stopped in traffic and was going on. they immediately wrist rest --
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they immediately expressed remorse. a> temperatures have taken nosedive. town is whether can see some flurries overnight. we captured this video of some down inow coming fredericksburg. these becoming closer to washington. >> this area of weeks storm brought a combination of rain sleet. a change from yesterday. here is that last band right now around fredericksburg. you people in the southern part charles county, where that is.ow be seeing that. there are some snow flurries in the mountains.
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the snow excitement index is zero. no snow in washington but it much much colder. significant developments hill on the payroll cut. leaders have come together on compromise that will provide a two-month extension. a vote in the senate is expected to mar. house will accept the extension. whether the is will approve a between canada and texas. provision requires mr. obama make a swift decision. it we are learning about found and the of a baby jesus. it was returned today. that has caused a lot more
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questions. i had to look back to see if was there. the statute is there. police found it in not too far from here. found the alleged know whyt they don't he took it. -- they also found the alleged thief. it is back where it belongs. why would you steal baby jesus or anybody? it is christmas. it was a woman who stole this tuesday. baby jesus is back now due to a the woman who saw the alleged thief's facebook page. this afternoon, they brought it back and set it in its place. >> there is no need.
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we will buy you one if you want one that bad. >> representatives expressed thanks to everyone who find baby jesus and him home. they're trying to keep the for everyone to enjoy it. the mall has not asked police to yet but what punishment into mall goers think they should suffer? for this.ed this is a nativity scene. you just can't go and take stuff. what do you think the baby would say? >> a very good question. the baby jesus is back in its place. mall representatives and the commonwealth's attorney will be any chargesecide if filed against the thief. >> thank you.
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monitoring a outside ofstory from angeles where three people two othersilled and injured in a shooting. this happened at the southern edison office in our when dale. it is not what cleared -- it is led to thehat gunfire. a judge determined that two former university officials can on perjury charges. they were accused of lying to a jury in the case of jerry sandusky 10 to one man testified he believes he saw jerry sandusky molesting a boy. jerry sandusky faces more than child sex abuse. a murderedpfather of girl has beennty arrested in connection with her
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death. the student was found stabbed to death in her home in may. detectives never did find the but they said that evidence linked the suspect to the crime. a georgeudden death of washington university student the campus on alert. had a form of meningitis. she is believed to have come in with a 35 people. officials are asking anyone who come in contact with the student to get tested. a major traffic alert. a big change coming to any -- two interstates. a developing story involving bryant. happening just days start of the season. he craze of tebowing
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are underways right now. crews have shut down lanes of i-66. a new ramp will bring traffic from eastbound i-66 too 495. the construction is expected to last until tomorrow morning. last weekendetro's of track construction. the most significant work will on the red line between circle and the square as they are working to maintain a water main. for a complete listing of the delays, thisand log on to our website. two seniors were suspended
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after they orchestrated an to tebowing. they organized a tebowing session. is taken from the denver quarterback who down and praise. the students made it impossible people to pass in the hall why they're being punished. kobe bryant faces a new ofllenge before the start the nba season. the big decision tonight. >> the washington wizards are back, so was it a victory for [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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bryant's wifekobe filed for divorce.
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court papers cite irreconcilable difference. came into theirst spotlight in 2003 wind a at a resort hotel police that copay bright sexually assaulted her. bryant had sexually assaulted her. the couple have been married 10 and a half years and have children. long wait but it to business for the washington wizards. the wizards will face the 76 up.s in a preseason match that in a moment. john gonzalez is outside of the impact.r more on the better late than never, that fans are telling us. by no means a great crowd. to thehan 12,000 came
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game. say theys in the area will take it. chinatown is booming once again with basketball fans. have been waiting for the over and we are to be back. the first preseason game has workersack thousands of were left high and dry for months. people that rely on the nba washington but all country where this is part of the economy. >> the nba ponce's first ever out proved to be a destructive one. lockout.a's first ever the concession stands to business is back up. they seem appreciative of those who showed up.
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>> we go to a lot of losers year and we enjoy it. >> like an early christmas extremely late start of exhibitions a key games. a cab driver is noticing the extra cash flow. >> $75-$100 extra. >> even though the team only won year, ticket sales up this year. like most lockouts and strikes sports, the fans tend to come back slowly. those fans that came back 20% off all merchandise the team store tonight. c high schools as musical talents for the family and friends. schools showcased
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musical talents. members from eastern part in the celebration. the proceeds raised will go -- a lot of high staffing -- stepping. you don't have to do that in the suit. a lot of sunshine outside. we had a time lapse of the wintergreen. the spirit ofis this season. temperature outside is down into the 40's. you wintergreen. i will show you the time lapse. if you look hard, this is way up in the mountains. you can see there is a little of snow beginning to fall. to the south. now, there it goes. right around fredericksburg and
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county.rles the snow was mixed in. is left in thet out to the west today, a few sprinkles came through. it is still above freezing. anything that does fall, it be into southern maryland. temperatures, 39 degrees. there is the one spot where the has the freezing mark. it does not feel like 62. is after midnight before the come in.f began to our temperature right now in washington is almost 20 degrees below where it was at the same time yesterday. there is ripple in the atmosphere. ditchght, there is a last-
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off.g it, we will have a northwesterly wind. -- there is the last of 8 racing off. inht around freezing washington. around town, 35, 36 degrees. a chilly day tomorrow with near average. average low temperature from now until the middle of february is 32 degrees. the clouds might be a passing then right back into air parent of the next would do anything would the form of rain showers. -- the clouds might be passing then ride back into some mild air. the next time it would do ofthing would be in the form rain showers. you am happy to hear talking about it. i am talking about grain.
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out the greensh throwing the yellow flag. out th[ fefemale announcer ] at,
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and the wizards played their exhibition game against 76 years. philadelphia took them to school. they have to rebound. year, they were at the the leak. they lost a big, 103-78. john can play the game but how he gets everyone involved would key to this season. about mcgee? one of the best place of the night.
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impressed me the most were the youngest of the pick played well. their [bleep] kicked there. how hard we practice and how we beat did not translate. you should be disappointed. touchdownn by a last week. as thehlights are over 100 rookie to go yards. >> you look at the things we people always talk things wenegative about thewhat positive things? able to run a ball and that is a good step.
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>> this is friday. me take you back to some of the best place in the week. but this was really sweet. winnipeg that is the best play. let's go to minnesota. chicago. this is one of the most unique the shootout. patient, be slow, and come on, man. the game winner. that is incredible. you have to be young to do that. the best move of the week. pregame, they called moses. there it goes. those of the plays of the week. to like that. did you like those moves?
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>> here we are for the weekend. it will feel like december winter. time it would be in the of rain showers. thelog up about terrible tsunami coming from the pacific northwest.
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>> you guys have a good weekend. tuned for "nightline." >> you [ male a announcer ]kend. at,
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